The Monterosso vineyards were established in 1950 when an Italian family fell in love with the
stunning views, culture, and fertile soils of Koelenhof ridge in the world-famous wine region of
Stellenbosch. The wine farm boasts 85 hectares of rolling hills stretching from the Koelenhof ridge
through to the Devon valley overlooking the breath-taking mountain ranges of the Simonsberg,
Hottentots and Jonkershoek. If you find yourself in the vineyards around sunset you will be intrigued
by the changing colours of the mountain ranges. As the sunsets on the Devon valley the sun’s rays
illuminate a distinct red hue is cast over the Simonsberg mountains thus creating the ‘Monterosso’
or the ‘Red mountain’ in English.


The farm is comprised of 63 hectares of vineyards which is shared between 11 different grape
cultivars. The farm is unique due to its topographical layout, climate as well as its vineyards.
The Koelenhof region, loosely translated to ‘cool ridge’, is named after the cool winds that are often
pumping through the mountains and subsequently over the vineyards. These cool winds along with
the cold oceanic breezes that bless our vineyards early morning and evenings allow us to benefit
from the warm Stellenbosch sun as well as the cool evenings. A greater temperature variance from
day to night allow us to create delicate and intricate wines with great complexity.
the vineyards are planted on rolling hills of slopes of varying direction, angle, and height above sea
level. This unique terroir gives great variation of growing conditions as well as individual

The vineyards planted on Monterosso are predominately older than what you would find on
neighbouring farms. This is unique as we believe that with age comes wisdom. These vineyards have
seen many years pass with great changes happening around them from winemakers to the ever-
changing climate. One must not fail to mention that these vineyards are farmed using the dry-land
farming methodology where no additional irrigation, other than the blessed rains we receive, is used
in the many years of grape cultivation. Being a dry-land farm, we face many environmental stresses,
but it also allows us to grow beautiful small and concentrated grapes which is essential to our
winemaking philosophy. Our soils boast rich lime, decomposed granite as well as clay which brings
about a rich minerality in our wines.


At Monterosso we strive to work with nature rather than against it to bring about the full potential
of our land. We work tirelessly to ever rehabilitate and improve our rich ecosystems found on the
farm. We pride ourselves on a natural wetland nestled between two beautiful dams which has
become the home of hundreds of fauna and flora species. The goal has always been to make our
wines as ‘real’ as possible without manipulating the wines to become something they simply are not.
A combination of new and old-world winemaking techniques are implemented to bring about fresh
innovative wines while still upholding traditional values where it matters most.
Monterosso vows to stay ever innovative while uplifting the communities we have become apart of
as well as taking care of mother nature that has made it possible for us to do what we do best,
making world class wines guilt free.