Crouchen (Box of 6)

Lively green apples with light hints of kumquat awaken the senses


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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 33 × 26 × 180 cm
  • Region: Koelenhof Ridge
  • Altitude: 128
  • Planted Varietals: Crouchen
  • Notes: On the nose: lively green apples with light hints of kumquat awaken the senses. A mist covered spring morning in Stellenbosch comes to mind as aromas of wettened granite and lime soils become very noticeable. Palate: a subdued richness of earth along with reassuring acidity allows the Crouchen to stand out among other white cultivars. An extremely well-structured mid palate grounds the wine while a zesty finish cleanses the palate. By allowing the wine to go through a secondary fermentation, namely malolactic fermentation, we have ensured that a silky texture runs from the front to the hind palate. A rare cultivar brought back to life, a tribute to those who had been unfairly forgotten.
  • Climate:  The Koelenhof Ridge lies on 128m above sea level In Stellenbosch, the climate is warm and temperate. The temperature here averages 16.4 °C | 61.5 °F. The annual rainfall is 802 mm | 31.6 inch.