Sangiovese Rose (Box of 6)

An incredibly fruit driven wine with a very playful palate


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Dimensions 33 × 26 × 180 cm
  • Region: Koelenhof Ridge
  • Altitude:128
  • Planted Varietals: Sangiovese Rose
  • Notes: On the nose: “strawberry fields forever” – The Beatles Palate: an incredibly fruit driven wine with a very playful palate. Every sit seems to be be a bit different, varying greatly by only the temperature and oxygen contact. The mid palate is full and well rounded. This dry Rose carries beautiful characteristics from both its parents’ Sangiovese and Sauvignon blanc. The sauvignon blanc offering abundant fruit and fresh acidity while the Sangiovese lends it complex tannin structure as well as ripe red summer berries. The red apple like tannin structure is unique to the Monterosso rose allowing us to produce an easily enjoyable wine that is still serious enough to analyze over a beautiful meal.
  • Climate: The Koelenhof Ridge lies on 128m above sea level In Stellenbosch, the climate is warm and temperate. The temperature here averages 16.4 °C | 61.5 °F. The annual rainfall is 802 mm | 31.6 inch.